What to Look for in your Calligrapher Before you Book

Gold and white names written on wedding place cards with pen tips and calligraphy pens written by Ashley Thompson.

You’ve got a lot to plan and aren’t sure where to start. You’ve been thinking about hiring a calligrapher to add those gorgeous details to your event, but deciding who to go with feels a little overwhelming. How do you choose? Let’s talk about some key things you should look for in your calligrapher before you book.

  1. Style

This one is probably the most important thing to consider when deciding who you’ll trust to letter those envelopes, create the perfect sign, and beautify your project. There are a lot of calligraphers out there, but the main thing that distinguishes them is the personality in their writing. Each artist develops their own personal style through lots of hard work and practice, and this is what you’re investing in when you decide who to go with. Consider your event and the vibe you want to accomplish. Do you want a traditional feel with vintage looking writing? A whimsical or romantic vibe? Maybe you’re going for a more trendy look. Whichever it is, consider your calligrapher’s writing and ask, what feeling does this give off and does it match what I’m going for with my event?

  1. Customer service

This one is a close second to style! You’re in the middle of planning a major event, and the last thing you need is a vendor you can’t rely on. Your calligrapher will be in charge of some super important parts of the big day, so you want to make sure they’re someone you’d like to work with. Check reviews of their past clients to see what their experiences were like, and look for things like responsiveness, reliability, and professionalism. With special events like yours, you want to be able to trust your team so you can soak in all the sweetness of your celebration.

  1. Price Range

Another important factor to consider is your price range. How much are you willing to invest in your calligraphy? Do some research and see what calligraphers are out there that fall within your budget. Generally, more experienced calligraphers using better materials will charge higher rates, so while you may be looking for affordability, be careful not to sacrifice quality in turn. Event calligraphy is an art and a luxury, so keep that in mind when checking out the price tags.

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